Modern Farmhouse Movement

And so it begins. The next 365 day chapter of interior design “in’s”, “out’s”, “fads” and “trends. But…the million dollar question is:  “What will the hottest and most popular 2017 style movement be?” Well, let us tell you what and why!

Based on its exit from 2016, the Modern Farmhouse genre will again be in the limelight this year, taking the cake for being the most widespread, prevalent panache in interior design. The fashion-forward evolution had a quiet entry back in 2014 in the form of subtle home accent pieces, but has over the years lured homeowners into whole-house Modern Farmhouse transformations.  The timeless charm, unrivaled character and just plain “homey” feel of the style has a stronghold on people far and wide. Its unremitting fury of popularity will indubitably make it this year’s go-to design trend.

And now, let us tell you why. One needn’t live on a plantation or even in the backwoods to indulge in the chic and inviting Modern Farmhouse features.  Blending fresh rustic, comfortably modern, and heritage elegance, the style offers an allure for all.  It has stolen the hearts of rural residents and city-dwellers alike. 

Many credit the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines, for the surge in admiration of the Modern Farmhouse look.  Essentially every home showcased emerges post-facelift with all of the characteristics that epitomize the deep-rooted farmhouse fascination. Flaunting apron-front sinks, sliding barn doors, shiplap walls and light, bright, open spaces, the effects forge the feel of an old utilitarian house on a farm, but incorporate components we desire to have in our modern-day homes.

Don’t go looking for any brass light fixtures or leather furnishings within today’s Modern Farmhouse. Instead, integral elements comprise of soft industrial embellishments, simple organic materials, light color tendencies and uncomplicated details. Oftentimes, vintage, reclaimed and ancestral pieces are taken advantage of (in a good way).  Simply put, the magnetism towards bedecking a Modern Farmhouse boils down to the notion, desire and appeal of reverting back to a more simple style of living. And seriously folks, we could all use a little bit of “more simple” in our lives!

And with all of that being said, we feel confident in saying that the Modern Farmhouse trend is assuredly unfolding to be the most popular interior design trend for 2017, with good reasons why.  It’s been brewing for years, is in full trend right now, and continues to blanket interiors not nation, but worldwide!!

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  • I absolutely love it! You have so much Style! I see things that can fit in anywhere.

    Angel Handley

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